Signature bake – rye rolls….

Technical bake – Ciabatta…yum…love it! Was quite impressed with mel’s Italian!

Showstopper bake – centrepiece loaves – lots of filled bakes… breakfast stromboli, cheese fondue sunflower, strawberry and raspberry cheesecake brioche, pinwheels, saffron & olive( err gold leaf ?), plaited…

Louis had a good week, but Martha is still my fave..think she is amazing for 17!!



Well..due to other stuff going on, I’ve only just watched this weeks great british bakeoff… #GBBO NUMBER 2, this weeks theme being biscuits.

Signature bake was savoury biscuits. All pretty good…

Technical challenge was florentines..not my favourite biccie.

Showstopper challenge was a 3D biscuit structure/scene. I was impressed with several of these…. the dragon,  pirate, ski mountain and carousel were all excellent… some others a bit uninspiring, some too messy and others just too basic!

Again..like last week..
I think the right baker went home.


Well that was ace… the Great British Bake Off is back on BBC1 8pm on Wednesdays…. loved it!

We had Swiss Rolls, Cherry Cake and 36 mini cakes….I loved Martha’s mini lemon drizzel cakes..yum!


Martha #GBBO

There were some pretty cool and fancy swiss rolls decorated in the sponge…must try that!  


The team #GBBO