OK….so where do we start?….

Gingerberry Crafts is new to the world of blogging, and selling, although we’ve been making things for years and years…

We have our first ever ever ever craft fair in a couple of weeks…so our little cottage has been a haven of activity….feels like its been like Santa’s North Pole Pad just before Christmas…..with the elves making toys…..

..its been like that here! Busy stitching, busy creating, busy trying out new recipes for all sorts…

All going fine until my machine started playing up today….grrrr.

All the techy stuff needs sorting too…like an Etsy shop…a face book page, the paypal account.  I like the making bit best…so hopefully a certain elf will help with the other stuff ..

If anyone has hints and tips on how we should get started, and things to look out for, hints tips, advice etc…all will be gratefully received…


Gingerberry x




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