Ooohhh Arrrrr me hearties……

Today it has been stunning weather in sunny south devon….so we took a walk up to Warren Point and headed down to Warren Beach (after finally managing to get into the tiny car park – I guess we should be thankful for all the tourists really  😉 )

It was so lush down by the water…the sound of the waves lapping against the rocks…and there was no one else there!! bliss!


Can’t wait for us to get out and about on our new boat this summer (when I say new – it’s new to us – it’s actually quite an old little fishing boat….but cute and lovely and can’t wait for Mr G to get it sorted so we can go out and explore).  All this thinking of boats made me think of the mini pirate bunting in my Etsy shop!  go and have a look…. I might just have to keep it for myself to decorate the boat, but I don’t think I will be allowed…its not the done thing supposedly!!  🙂 




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