Talk about excited…The Handmade Fair!

The Handmade Fair Banner

Well… excited am I!  

This week I’ve booked tickets for a friend and I to go to the Handmade Fair in September.  It’s taking place at the beautiful Hampton Court Palace, just outside London, and will be a long day full of crafty makes, shopping, laughing, creative inspiration, and general merriment.

I feel terribly self indulgent as we treated ourselves to VIP tickets… well if you are going to do it, do it in style I say!

Our VIP ticket entitles us to the following:

  1. Red carpet entrance to The Handmade Fair – check us out!
  2. VIP lounge access – cloakroom, shop & drop facilities, champagne
  3. Afternoon Tea and a craft make with Kirstie Allsop – I know she’s a bit like marmite – but I love her!
  4. Front row seating at a Super Theatre Session of our choosing – we have gone for the Mollie Makes creative mash up…
  5. A skill workshop of our choice – we have chosen Zeena Shah’s Lino Print Christmas Session.
  6. A grand make of our choice – this time we went for #worldpomination – this is a world record attempt at making the longest pompom string in the world, ever!
  7. Exclusive gift bag worth over £40….yes this is what did it for us!  

There’s a shopping village (, and additional workshops, and its basically going to be a top day!

I’m more excited about this than Christmas, and I LOVE Christmas!

Will report back in September with pics!





Excited Gingerberry






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