Gorgeous Christmas Bedding at Asda (George)

I love bedding….

There’s nothing better than at the end of hard day, getting out of a luxurious  bubble bath, and sinking into fresh sheets for an amazing sleep……zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Over the years I have spent a fortune on designer bedding from Cath Kidston, Habitat and more..

But this Christmas there is no need to spend a lot on these gorgeous bundles of loveliness !

Today, on a sandwich run from the office I bought 2, yes 2,  new duvet covers for Christmas…..  I know, I know….it’s only the ‘season’ for a short while, but at these prices I really don’t care !! 🙂

Duvet 1 – Christmas Pin-ups – I LOVE THIS !!!



Buy it here:- http://direct.asda.com/George-Home-Christmas-Pin-Ups-Duvet-Set/002249861,default,pd.html?cgid=D24M01G01C01S05

Duvet 2 – Red Scandinavian Duvet Set



Single/Double/King size prices are £10/12/14!!…..yes they be polycotton rather than 100% Egyptian cotton….but hey – at this price….you cannot complain..

Lovely 🙂

now i just have to sneak them onto the beds without my other half noticing!! 😉


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