Giving paper cutting a try!

I visited the Handmade fair at Hampton Court Palace in London at the weekend – it was excellent, even better than last year, and I would encourage anyone crafty to treat yourself to a visit next year in September – watch this space for details…


With my ticket I got a voucher for a free Gyrocutting tool (its called a GYRO-CUT)… I wasn’t really sure what it was, but thought I would get one as i have been umming and ahhing about giving paper cutting a try!

Well last night I googled for free paper cutting templates and found this gorgeous design on the SLS Creative website. See links below.

So….I printed it off and thought let’s get stuck in!  Well what can I say – less than 30 mins later I had created’s not perfect, but for my first attempt I must say that I impressed myself!

It really is so easy…I am sure it is a combo of the amazing gyro-cut knife and the printed design….  I think I would use thicker paper next time as I did rip it in one place (see if you can spot where!) – I had only used the standard printer paper in my inkjet! You hold the knife like a pen, and the small blade rotates as you move directions….making smooth curves really easy!  I do need to practice though.

Go get yourself a cutting knife and print off design, (oh and use a cutting mat – I have one for cutting my bunting out!)…and see what happens – you might just impress yourself!

Here’s a link to the Gyru-Cut tool:

and here’s a link to the template from SLS Creative – these are designs for your own use – you cannot sell the template or any finished paper cuts: and you should credit SLS Creative in any end products – she has a facebook page ( and twitter too!

so…..if you are a paper cutting virgin – why not give it a go!



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