Pink and Lime Green Bunting is back in stock!


I’ve done some stash sorting recently and I’ve found another load of the gorgeous hot fushia pink and lime green fabrics that made last summers best selling Gingerberry Shabby Chic bunting…. with just one fabric swapped for plain pink, these are the fabrics…


fabrics for gingerberry bunting

and this is the finished bunting!  love it!  I have this in my garden 🙂


pink and lime green Gingerberry bunting

Here’s the link to buy it if you fancy a treat…


I’ve got a couple 10-flag strings made up at the moment, but can whip some more up quite quickly 🙂




From red….to… and lime green!

Anyone who knows me, knows my love of red….. Anything red…. Red boots, red jeans, red shoes, red bags, red scarves, red cushions, red mugs, red gadget cases, even red walls…. Pretty much anything goes….as long as it’s red….


red stuff – love it!

I think it stems from way way back being a little ginger girl who just couldn’t wear it 😦 everyone said it made me look ill….’drained the colour from my face’….how rude!!!! ( they were probably right!).  Well now I am very very much older I wear it how I like….and I actually think a dark red really suits auburn hair… So all is well in the world of red 🙂

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