From red….to… and lime green!

Anyone who knows me, knows my love of red….. Anything red…. Red boots, red jeans, red shoes, red bags, red scarves, red cushions, red mugs, red gadget cases, even red walls…. Pretty much anything goes….as long as it’s red….


red stuff – love it!

I think it stems from way way back being a little ginger girl who just couldn’t wear it 😦 everyone said it made me look ill….’drained the colour from my face’….how rude!!!! ( they were probably right!).  Well now I am very very much older I wear it how I like….and I actually think a dark red really suits auburn hair… So all is well in the world of red 🙂

But this post is not about red…. It’s about pink! Yes pink….with pink’s best friend..lime green!!! I love them together…so fresh and summery!! Years ago, I bought an embroidered cushion from John Lewis which had pink flowers with lime green leaves..and together, the colours were stunning….I’m not sure if it was the design, the colours, the soft sheen of the embroidered cottons….but I loved it.  I think it got packed away in a big house move and I now can’t find it 😦  (wish I could show you a pic).

Anyway, I found some beautiful pink and lime green fabrics which really reminded me of that lovely cushion, and I knew I had to have some….it now lives as bunting on my garden shed! And on an arch in the garden! It’s just so summery and pretty….I love it!


I bought a lot of the fabric (yes I know I AM addicted to fabric!) and have sold lots of this pink and lime green bunting! I think it must just make people feel summery and happy like it does me :-).



If you’d like your own to help decorate your home or garden, it’s available here in my Etsy shop (gingerberry pink lime green bunting), or ping me a Facebook message or an email if you don’t have access to Etsy.  Also, if you’d like bunting in any of fabrics in the above bunting picture…I can do a custom order for you…  get in touch 🙂

I’m off now to enjoy some Devon sunshine!



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