Talk about excited…The Handmade Fair!

The Handmade Fair Banner

Well… excited am I!  

This week I’ve booked tickets for a friend and I to go to the Handmade Fair in September.  It’s taking place at the beautiful Hampton Court Palace, just outside London, and will be a long day full of crafty makes, shopping, laughing, creative inspiration, and general merriment.

I feel terribly self indulgent as we treated ourselves to VIP tickets… well if you are going to do it, do it in style I say!

Our VIP ticket entitles us to the following:

  1. Red carpet entrance to The Handmade Fair – check us out!
  2. VIP lounge access – cloakroom, shop & drop facilities, champagne
  3. Afternoon Tea and a craft make with Kirstie Allsop – I know she’s a bit like marmite – but I love her!
  4. Front row seating at a Super Theatre Session of our choosing – we have gone for the Mollie Makes creative mash up…
  5. A skill workshop of our choice – we have chosen Zeena Shah’s Lino Print Christmas Session.
  6. A grand make of our choice – this time we went for #worldpomination – this is a world record attempt at making the longest pompom string in the world, ever!
  7. Exclusive gift bag worth over £40….yes this is what did it for us!  

There’s a shopping village (, and additional workshops, and its basically going to be a top day!

I’m more excited about this than Christmas, and I LOVE Christmas!

Will report back in September with pics!





Excited Gingerberry






From red….to… and lime green!

Anyone who knows me, knows my love of red….. Anything red…. Red boots, red jeans, red shoes, red bags, red scarves, red cushions, red mugs, red gadget cases, even red walls…. Pretty much anything goes….as long as it’s red….


red stuff – love it!

I think it stems from way way back being a little ginger girl who just couldn’t wear it 😦 everyone said it made me look ill….’drained the colour from my face’….how rude!!!! ( they were probably right!).  Well now I am very very much older I wear it how I like….and I actually think a dark red really suits auburn hair… So all is well in the world of red 🙂

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